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Savory Squash Noodle Salad + Appetizer and Snack Ideas

There are two ways to enjoy this recipe. Use your own noodles, or make them with the squash! Using a julienne peeler or a mandoline, cut the skin and layer of flesh from each squash in long ribbons, or “noodles.” This recipe is easy to change depending on what you might be serving alongside it. Trade out the thyme for a couple tablespoons of Balsamic vinegar or kick up the heat with a pepper.


  • one earth dance farm squash (two if you’re making the noodles)
  • one onion
  • as many heads of garlic as you prefer (3-4 minimum in my case)
  • generous pinch of thyme
  • salt to taste
  • oil for cooking


  • heat garlic and oil and add chopped onion until onion skin is translucent
  • add thyme and one sliced squash
  • while thats cooking, julienne or mandolin the other squash for noodles
  • serve warm or cold


Tasty appetizers or snack ideas:

  • tomato slices with large granule salt
  • cucumber slices with Balsamic vinegar
  • roasted potatoes with garlic and thyme
  • fresh tomato slices on hummus smeared toast

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