Share Descriptions

Summer share: Earth Dance Farm offers an 18 week summer produce share which begins in mid June and ends in mid October. We offer a large variety of vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs (click for crop list) in ¾ bushel boxes. Each box will contain 9-13 different seasonal crops and is meant for an average family of 4 or a vegetarian couple. Many new members choose to split their share with another family member, neighbor or friend. We deliver primarily to neighborhood host homes (click here for delivery sites), but also to a workplace or individual residence. Our Community Supported Agriculture is our exclusive means of distribution, which means that you receive the best and freshest produce our land can provide.

  • FULL Share
    Share prices: $575 for group drop locations of 5+ share boxes.
    $650 for individual home/work delivery
  • SINGLE Share (2/3 of full share)
    $475 for group site deliveries only
    This option is a 5/9 bu. box of 7-10 crops for 18 weeks.
    It is perfect for an average couple or one veggie-loving person.
  • HALF Share (1/2 of full share)
    $375 at group site deliveries only.
    This option is a 1/2 bu. box of 6-8 crops for 18 weeks.
    Perfect for the beginner or single person.
  • Flex Share
    $300 at group site deliveries only.
    Single Share box size delivered every other week.
    Offered for those who cannot commit to a weekly box.
  • EGG Share
    $100 – only available with a produce share.
    One dozen is delivered each week with your produce box.

Fall share: Between the final summer delivery and Thanksgiving we offer a fall share which consists of 3 bi-weekly deliveries of a full bushel box of late season crops, storage veggies and hardy greens and herbs. This is a wonderful way to extend the growing season and continue to access fresh, local, nutritious food.
Check out the crops we delivered in 2015.

  • Share price: $150

Spring share: We now have a hoop house and can begin growing in the soil much earlier. This will be a ½ bushel box delivered 3 times from late April through mid June. You will see many early greens, spinach, radishes, rhubarb, chives, asparagus, honey and more! This is a great way to fill your craving for fresh produce earlier in the spring.

  • Share price: $100

Egg share: We have 250 laying hens of several different varieties which have full access to roam our 42 acres and are fed local, all natural grain from Hy-View feeds and from the farm. In 2018 there will be 75 egg shares available, with previous shareholders having an option to renew. One dozen is delivered each week with your produce box. You can also be added to our waiting list. Earth Dance Farm also provides eggs for the winter season.

  • Share price: $100 – available with a Summer produce share

Winter/Spring Egg Share: 15 biweekly deliveries beginning on TBD.

  • Share price: $155

Meat CSA?!? Please contact our friends Tom and Sara Austin at Hilltop Pastures Family Farm: