CSA Movement

When you sign up to become a part of Earth Dance Farm you are doing more than just signing up to receive delicious, local, and fresh vegetables once per week, you are also joining onto a movement that has been gaining speed in the United States, particularly over the past decade. When the CSA movement truly began is a matter of much speculation, but when it came to the United States is very clear. In 1986 the first CSA’s, Indian Line Farm and Temple-Wilton Community Farm, both sprang into existence on the East Coast. They developed off of ideas that were beginning to take root in parts of Europe. These ideas were centered on a farming experience that did not use pesticides and herbicides, and that provided the community with vegetables that were both in season and local. But both of these ideals also center on one thing, and that is the formation of a healthy community. Not just a physically healthy community, but a community that functions and is efficient in and of itself. That is part of what this CSA movement was all about in the beginning, and that still holds true today. Now CSA Farms are beginning to spring up in communities around the United States as consumers demand a different kind of food. More and more people are looking at the produce in stores , and it looks perfect, but where did it come from? Who was picking those vegetables? And what was done to them to make them look so flawless? That is what we as consumers need to start asking more often. We, as one of many CSA’s, can answer all of those questions for you. Our produce may not look perfect, but it was planted by hand, it was weeded by hand, it was picked by hand, and it was packed and delivered to you by hand. A lot of sweat and hard work was put into getting those vegetables to your kitchen table, and it was done by a farmer who wants nothing more than to provide his or her community with high quality produce. That is a guarantee from us, the farmer, to you, the consumer, and we hope to welcome you to our community at Earth Dance Farm.