Newsletter 10

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

― Miles Kington

2013 EDF Tomato Review

It seems that the tomato to Minnesotans are like the cows in India, and thus warrant an article all to itself.

I planted several types of tomatoes this season: slicers, cherry and a Roma.

In the slicer department we have Paragon, Celebrity, and Orange Blossom. All of these are a standard shipping tomato that is determinate and a hybrid. These are usually of decent size, good flavor, and hold up well in the box. They also usually produce well. This year they were transplanted in late May/early June in cool and very wet weather. These plants usually succumb to blight during the course of the season, usually by late September. This year many of the tomato plants provided us with one or two fruits before their early demise. I planted these slicers at several different times with the later ones out to the field faring better. You will continue to see some of these in your box for most of Sept., just not as many. I definitely will not have any to offer any bushels for those of you hoping to do some canning.

The Cherry is an indeterminate (large amount of vegetative growth) variety, Sun Gold, and not recommended for shipping. They are so delicious that I cannot help but plant them year after year. They are quite prolific and require many hours to hand pick. They tend to split easily, so I apologize in advance if you get one of these.

This variety is doing spectacular, and you should receive them in each box for several more weeks. They are best eaten when they are golden orange. Halve them and sprinkle olive oil and balsamic (or soy sauce) and eat with crusty bread.

Finally, the Romas are also doing very well. These are an oval shape and have a denser flesh with more meat than juice. Many folks prefer to use these to make salsa, paste or to cook with, but they can also be eaten like slicers. They are fantastic on salads. My variety is San Marzano, and they should be ready in a couple of weeks.

Many years I also have an heirloom variety – I will plant one again next season.


Farmer Notes

  • Melons are in their prime – you will receive one next week as well
  • A few corn to the full shares. Next week will be the main harvest of the second planting.
  • Summer squash eggplant and peppers are producing well
  • Make some Ratatouille or grill almost everything together
  • Lettuce is just for the full shares
  • Onions are small and come from sets. I will deliver some large sweet onions next week.
  • The second crop of green beans are looking fabulous
  • We are getting our hot weather….. and now some rain, please!
  • Wash all of your produce before you eat it


Link to: Produce list-notes-recipes