Spring Rolls
In the past, I have always been on the search for quick, delicious recipes. It has always been hard to allocate time to making dinner because after work, we’re hungry and want to eat. The times have changed, and now we may be staying at home and have more time to meal prep. In the past few months, I have been enjoying making an event out of cooking dinner. One of my new favorite meals to make is spring rolls. They sound intimidating at first but I realized after a friend showed me how to make them, they are simple and straight forward. The most time consuming part of making spring rolls, is chopping up the veggies. Making spring rolls can be a great activity for you and the whole family! I believe that little creative hands would help make this dinner/art project really fun and delicious! When making spring rolls, you can use pretty much any vegetable that can be rolled into the rice paper wrappers. Out of the box this week, you could use kohlrabi, broccoli, cilantro, radishes, chard, scapes, basil and lettuce or Napa cabbage. I’d also recommend adding vermicelli noodles for some extra filling.
  1. I cut up my veggies into match stick shapes and veggies like broccoli just into small bite size pieces. Tip: you want the veggies to be pretty small so it is easier to roll up the rice paper. In a bowl of warm water, wet the rice paper wrapper for a few seconds until it feels a bit slimy and the texture is floppier. You do not want to soak the paper too long or it will turn to mush. Just soak it long enough to be workable. Then place the rice paper wrapper flat, place a small piece of lettuce or napa cabbage to act as the bed and then add the rest of your fixings. Make it as artistic as you desire. Tuck in the sides of the paper and roll it up. Place it on a plate and as it dries it will stick together
  2. I serve my spring rolls with a peanut sauce that is just peanut butter, Sriracha, soy sauce and a squeeze of lemon to brighten it up. Garnish with some lime wedges.