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Stir-Fried Bok Choy and Mizuna

This can be done straight on the grill with a cast iron skillet or prepared before for a cold dish at your potluck. It’s tasty with any meal and can add a fresh twist to burgers and dogs.
3 Tablespoons soy sauce
3 teaspoons oil (sesame oil is a great one for this)
The juice from half a lemon
4 green onions, chopped (1 medium onion works as well)
1 Tablespoon ginger (fresh or ground)
2 chopped garlic cloves (or 5 cloves if you like garlic)
Earth Dance Farm Bok Choy, leaves separated
Earth Dance Farm Mizuna
salt and pepper to taste
Optional: Add a protein of your choice by cooking it in the skillet first, then removing until the greens are prepared.
 Add oil and place skillet over medium heat. Add green onions, ginger, and garlic. Stir until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add remaining soy sauce and lemon juice, then bok choy. Toss until bok choy wilts, 1 to 2 minutes. Add mizuna, tossing to wilt before adding more. Season greens with salt and pepper and serve.

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